Underground Diesel Equipment Repairs & Overhauls


Cougar Mining Group are specialists in quick and reliable breakdown repairs to get you back up and running with minimal disruption to your fleet availability.

Our staff are ready to respond at a moment’s notice with specialised parts and experienced knowledge that reinforces their service.

The Cougar workshop is well regarded by the customers as they can take comfort in the knowledge of the efficiency in service and the commitment to work non-stop on all repairs.

Machinery Overhauls

Cougar Mining Group has the capacity to carry out both minor and major overhauls on time and on budget.

Previous overhauls include several JUG-A-0 V2-V3 upgrades, JUG-A-0 V3 full overhaul as well as Driftrunner overhauls.

Cougar can also assist you with plant condition audits and repair scopes, component overhauls and replacement, scheduled statutory and routine servicing along with QDS Attachment repairs.

accreditation No 19444
Code D onsite Van

Mechanical Code D

Cougar Mining Group has mechanical Code D approval for:

  • MDR 090376 DES Driftrunner G & F

  • MDR 090376-10 DES Driftrunner G & F

  • MDR 124827 Driftrunner H-Series

  • MDR 074246 DES JUG-A-0 V2, V3, V1060, V1280

  • MDR 114991 DES JUG-A-0 Z1060, Z1280

Cougar Stratajacks

A division of Cougar Mining Group, Cougar Stratajacks is the latest development in secondary roof support systems for the mining industry.

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