Man Transporters

At Cougar Mining Group all our Man Transporters are Driftrunner’s with a mixture of F & G Series including a number of Ute backs.

The Driftrunner is a heavy duty personnel and materials handling vehicle. It is the leader in its class and is designed and built to operate in the most arduous conditions while providing versatility, reliability and long service life.

The F-series Driftrunner contains forward facing seats with the capacity to carry 11 passengers.
The G-series Driftrunner contains side facing rear seats with the capacity to carry 12 passengers.
Utes can be configured for dual cab, split cab or tray back depending on your needs.

Features of the Driftrunner:

  • CH4 systems fitted

  • Fire suppression system

  • Solid fill tyres

  • Retractable seat belts for all passengers

  • 55KW Perkins engine (AS3584.2 D.E.S 08 compliant)

  • F-series come with ROPS/FOPS

  • Can be customised to meet your site requirements

Cougar Stratajacks

A division of Cougar Mining Group, Cougar Stratajacks is the latest development in secondary roof support systems for the mining industry.

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