Cougar Drilling enters the market

The Cougar Mining Group has added underground in-seam directional drilling to our suite of services on offer to Australia’s underground coal industry.  

Our newest venture has all the right elements to be a success. We’re starting lean with quality people, attested processes and versatile equipment.

Cougar Drilling is approaching the industry with a straightforward business plan. We’re applying the fundamentals of efficiency, value and communication and converting them to a precise and dependable service. Our highly experienced management team is primed and excited to steer the company in a simple and true direction; applying basic business principles, to deliver a reliable, quality service.

What sets us apart?

Cougar Drilling is starting with a plan.

•         We’re starting lean and will grow organically, according to our commitments and the size of our business. We’re not adverse to spending money…..we just refuse to waste it. Our management team, each an experienced Driller, possess the skills and attributes to run an effective and efficient drilling business in the underground mining industry. Health and Safety, Project Planning, Borehole Design, Equipment Compliance, Contract Management and Training is all covered.

•         We’re not opening our doors to just anyone who’s operated a drill rig. Our people will be the best the industry has to offer. Our management team has been in the industry for 15–20 years. We know who we’re looking for.

•         Cougar Drilling will start out with 4 drill systems, being a short-hole rig and 3 long-hole rigs. The long-hole rigs will be custom-made for what the industry wants today. They are suited to all horizontal and vertical in-seam and cross-measure gas-drainage applications.

•         Our project management teams will grow in-line with project obligations. As a small outfit we can offer devoted attention to our customers. This attention will not waiver as the company grows.


More on our Equipment

Our start-up plan includes 4 drill systems;

•        1 x track-mounted Boart Longyear LMC90 – capable of drilling 1200m+ long-holes in coal or stone. 16+ tonne push and pull capacity. This is a premium drill rig suited to high-production ‘fan-pattern’ gas drainage drilling and exploration drilling in the toughest conditions.

•         1 x track-mounted Cram 262 – capable of drilling holes up to 500m in length. This system is compact and built for speed, making it perfect for gas-compliance coring.

•         2 x Atlas Copco cross measure drill systems – capable of drilling 1500m+ long-holes in coal or stone. The mast is able to be set at horizontal or any angle between +90 to -90 degrees. Ideal for cross-measure holes, goaf drilling and geological coring.

•         Survey equipment includes 3 x GE DGS units.

•         Drill rods are thick-walled CHD, supported and transported within rated trailers.

•         Industry spec gas/water separators and gas management devices.



Forming a trusting client base, building a reputation

We believe that our customers are the best judge of a quality, value-for-money service.

Our focus is on delivering that service.

For our business to be a success, our service needs to be transparent and trusted. Transparency is delivered through joint planning and solid communication.

Cougar Drilling is seeking customers who share our concept of success, being a product of a collaborative venture with a profitable outcome.

Cougar Stratajacks

A division of Cougar Mining Group, Cougar Stratajacks is the latest development in secondary roof support systems for the mining industry.

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